Hidden away in the back of a drawer

acoustic bowed string instrument bowed stringed instrument classical
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hidden away in the back of a drawer in the room at my parents’ home that my sister and I occupied together through many joyous childhood years, is a collection of newspaper cuttings. I am so embarrassed to reveal what they are! They’re pictures of stills from the film Saathiya that were published in the ‘In Cinemas now’ column years ago. Aah Vivek Oberoi! Did we love him! Deep inside we still do. Who wouldn’t kill to be his Rani at the time! Maybe it was our age, sixteen going on seventeen, or maybe it was the story of fledgling love, or the music, those glorious colors of romance captured on the silver screen. But that’s one piece of cinema that has endured the changing shape of my thoughts over these years. I loved Saathiya and I always will. We always will. And that little assortment of cut-outs will always have a home in the back drawer of our cupboard and our hearts.

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